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Guest Post & Giveaway: Tory Richards - THE MERCENARY WAY

Hi Everyone. Please help me welcome Tory Richards to the blog today! This is the first stop on her Goddess Fish book tour. She is here to promote her new novel, The Mercenary Way

My host today asked me to talk about the difference between The Mercenary Way and Against the Odds. A great question and one that I’m glad was asked. You see, The Mercenary Way is a book that was published years ago as Against the Odds. Back when I was still green. When I left a lot up to my then publisher, who with longevity and reputation I had chosen.  Once I received the book rights back I was embarrassed that Against the Odds had ever been released. The biggest problem I found was that it wasn’t edited very well. In fact, it sucked! So, finding a new publisher, they offered me a contract for the now titled The Mercenary Way. A romance with a lot more depth and passion than the first time it was released.

The difference between the two? First, with my new publisher, it was given a new title and book cover, and it will be published under my pen name. Second, the manuscript went through a thorough revision and a lot of content was added. Yes, I’m talking about the sex scenes between the hero and heroine. Third, the editing is top notch, thanks to the help of my wonderful editor at The Wild Rose Press. For anyone who might have read Against the Odds, you will be surprised at how much better the story is between Sarah and Clint. 

The sex between them is hot! Every encounter designed to leave the hero and heroine satisfied, while craving more. Though their personalities might mix like oil and water, the physical chemistry between the two easily over power the rest of their senses. What are the elements of a good sex scene? It’s the build-up. It should be a long, slow process that captivates the reader, and leaves them breathless with anticipation for the main characters to finally reach the end. Yes, I said readers. It’s my opinion that if they aren’t feeling what the hero and heroine is feeling then I’ve failed in writing an emotional sex scene.

It’s also the play on words between the two involved, and the unspoken erotic thoughts going on in their minds as they arouse each other to feverish pitch. It’s engaging the five senses until they’ve blended into one kaleidoscope of earth moving fulfillment. The smell of arousal between two warm, twisting bodies, the taste of sweet hunger, and pupils dilating as their eyes cling. Hands discovering pleasure points that bring echoes of satisfaction around them. What are the elements of a good sex scene? I hope by now I know. Below is a hot excerpt.

The Mercenary Way
by Tory Richards
Release Date: February 1, 2012

When a ruthless gem smuggler mistakes Sarah for her best friend Susan, she's kidnapped and stashed on an island. Her only hope of rescue is Susan's cousin Clint -- a soldier-of-fortune whose my-way-or-else attitude is as infuriating as his muscular body is distracting.

Clint, ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary, desperately needs a vacation. Rescuing a kidnapped woman from an island paradise isn't what he had in mind. And when he encounters Sarah's sassy mouth and tempting ways, he soon realizes he's the one in trouble.

Hot Excerpt –   
“What’s wrong?” she asked nervously.

“I’m going to kiss you.” He didn’t ask, just stated it like a warning, in a tone revealing he wasn’t happy about it but couldn’t seem to help himself. His hands encircled her arms, pulling her closer until she was flush against his naked body.

Sarah knew it was coming, but instead of twisting away she met him halfway. She opened her mouth beneath his, encountering the thrust of his tongue and welcoming the instant rush of sensation exploding through her body. Allowing him to kiss her was a mistake, but she was more than curious.

He made her feel alive inside. His possession was surprisingly gentle, so unlike the rough-cut contours of the man she’d grown accustomed to. He easily drew a shameless response from her. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Sarah was almost disappointed that she wasn’t disappointed. Clint’s kiss opened up an array of tiny explosions through her love-starved body, frightening in its intensity. She moaned with pleasure when his hands glided down her arms in a rough caress. Bringing her wrists together at the small of her back forced her to arch against him even more. His mouth left hers and the next thing Sarah knew was the feel of rough velvet against her throat as he traced a path to her collarbone with his tongue. Her breasts swelled with aching desire against his chest, pleading for attention. She wanted his hands on them, his mouth.

When his hand glided up her ribcage and closed over her sensitive flesh, her knees buckled. A low growl erupted from his throat in response to her soft cry. They sounded raw and untamed, as if two animals were mating beneath the cover of darkness.

“Oh!” The cry escaped her before she could stop it, revealing her hunger.

“I’m a fool for touching you,” he said gruffly. “Because now I want more…”

Sarah didn’t mind the liberties Clint was taking. He made her feel like a desirable woman. Little sounds of pleasure passed between her lips and she arched into him again and again, letting the hunger of her body control her actions. Her movements were designed to show him she liked what he was doing. She wanted to drive him beyond control. He took both her wrists in one hand, his other glided down the curve of Sarah’s side and the flare of her hip to the waistband of her panties, hesitating.

“All I wanted was a kiss, something to ease the lust in my blood,” Clint growled. Releasing her hands, he took hold of Sarah’s hips and thrust between her thighs, the thin barrier of her silk panties preventing him from entering her body, but providing them both with enough pleasure to satisfy them for the moment. 

His actions drove Sarah wild. Her nails bit into his shoulders as their mutual moans of pleasure filled the cave. Her response seemed to fire Clint’s own needs, and he slammed his mouth down on hers, taking her breath away with a kiss that burned a fire to her very soul.

She felt his hand curl around the elastic of her panties and shuddered violently, silently begging him to follow through with his obvious intentions. Thoughts of making love with Clint fueled a lust inside her she didn’t know existed. It made her lose control, and her hand slid down his body until she reached his extended cock. She hesitated, unsure. Do I dare? This wasn’t like her at all. She shuddered again, acknowledging the delicious warmth slipping down the inside of her thighs. Something in her shiver caused him to stiffen. Had he misinterpreted it for something else? He released her slowly. She felt him withdrawing mentally.

“Nooooooo…” Her drawn out groan of protest echoed around them. He couldn’t be pulling away! Her desire for more pushed her into reaching for the hard shaft between his legs.

 “Fuck!” It was obvious by his savage response he hadn’t expected her to do that.

“Exactly what I was thinking!” Sarah didn’t care what he wanted or thought at that moment. She was beyond rationality. She had a pulsing, hard cock in her hand and the heat radiating off it released an inferno in her blood. He was big, and long, steel encased in soft velvet. Her hand moved over his flesh. Exploring the ridges, and thickness, the smooth head.

Doesn’t he understand I need this? Needed to feel alive? Words eluded her but somehow Sarah had to make him understand her needs. His rock-hard cock revealed Clint’s own hunger. The setting was darkly intimate, almost perfect. With the light of the moon shining down upon them and the occasional sounds of jungle predators beyond the safety of the cave—primitive music that fed their lust.

Her caressing hand slipped beneath the base of his shaft to cup his balls. He sucked in his breath, a hand twisting in her hair and pulling her head back. Breathing escalating, Sarah welcomed his rough mouth against her neck as his hands made quick work of removing her bra and panties. Before she could draw another breath, she was naked and Clint was pulling her down to the ground with him.

God Yes! Her mind screamed, as she found herself on top of the hard mercenary, breast to chest, his cock sliding between her quivering thighs. Not entering her, but slicing between her swollen lips and over her throbbing clit. Sarah released a little cry of breathless anticipation, ready to explode.

The Mercenary Way comes out Feb 1, 2012 with The Wild Rose Press.
Author Bio – Tory Richards

I'm a fifty-something author who discovered my passion for writing and story telling at the ripe old age of thirteen. Before I received my first manual typewriter, with pencil in hand, I would jot my stories down on notebook paper. Later, after receiving that desired typewriter I spent hours in my bedroom, where my parents thought I was doing homework. Writing turned out to be a kind of therapy for me, something I didn't realize until years later.
I also hold down a full time day job. So basically I'm working all the time. Only writing is a hobby for me, something I do during the quiet of the evenings and on my weekends. My goals are simple and realistic. By the time I retire I'll be happy if I'm just making enough "mad money" from it to be able to travel a little, and spoil my grandchildren.
I'll travel any place a cruise ship will take me. I've been to: Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Alaska just to name a few places. I don't like to fly, even before I found myself on a plane on 9/11, but I will if I'm given enough legal drugs. I collect antiques and art, and I love chocolate, who doesn't? And I'm addicted to good coffee and sweet ice tea.
For a while life got in the way of my dreams. A few years ago I decided to get serious and haven't looked back!

Find Tory and her books at:


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  1. I really think your new version of the story sounds thrilling and much for fun to read.

  2. Hi Tory,

    While I've heard of you, I've never read your work. After reading the excerpt today, I realize I am definately missing something. I'm putting this book on my BTB list! It will be fun following your tour over the next couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you and your books.

    But, I have to ask a question: What characters are the hardest/easiest for you to write: The alpha hero, the alpha heroine, the villain (or villainess), the secondary male & female characters? What are the most fun to write?

  3. Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. If you get a chance to read The Mercenary Way I hope you'll get back to me. I love hearing from readers.

    A special thanks to my host today. You have a lovely blog.


    1. Thanks, Tory. Have fun with the rest of your tour.

  4. Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. If you get a chance to read The Mercenary Way I hope you'll get back to me. I love hearing from readers.

    A special thanks to my host today. You have a lovely blog.


  5. WOW...What a juicy excerpt. NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) reading...LOL. Love it. Now, I think I'll have to go and get a COLD, SWEET iced tea and cool off.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  6. I so agree with Tory about the lead up being so important. If you take a sex scene out of context, you can certainly enjoy it, but when you read the whole story up to the scene I find I get so much more out of it.

  7. Hi Tory. I really want to read this book. It sounds very good. Just the type of book I love to read. Please enter me in contest.

  8. Yummy excerpt! Definitely have to read!!! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. I love this kind of story!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  10. LOL, hey Catherine, did that cold sweet tea help your, ah, condition?


  11. I totally agree, Anne! The lead up to a sex scene is a lot more sensual and fulfilling than the final sex act. Okay, I couldn't even type that with a straight face:)

  12. You're entered Victoria! Good luck. And I hope you get to read it.


  13. Thrilled you enjoyed the excerpt Amber. What was your favorite part?


  14. The premise is a favorite of mine, too, Di. Thanks for stopping by today.


  15. Love cover. Thanks for the hot excerpt! It was very good. I personally believe that editing can make or break a book - even if the story is great if the editing is bad it can take you out of the story and make it less enjoyable.

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  16. Wait for it, wait for it, the anticipation makes it better.

  17. I think it's interesting that the characters seem like they are oil and water, but physically are so compatible. Really, they must be more compatible as the story goes on, or even sex wouldn't work well, right! :> I look forward the newer version of your book--thanks for the giveaway!

    Ann Roberts

  18. You're so right Maria. I never realized how much time and work goes into editing a book. I've had a few editors and now that I'm more experienced, I can tell which ones really take their time and want to help make my work as good as it can be.


  19. LOL...It sounds like you know what you're talking about, Renald!

  20. Their personalities mix like oil and water but I think it's more because they don't want to be attracted to one another, but they are from the get go. The intense sexual chemistry between them over rides all else. And after a while they realize they need to work together if they're going to get off the island alive.


Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate all of your comments.

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