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Review: OWNING WEDNESDAY by Annabel Joseph

Owning Wednesday  
by Annabel Joseph
Release Date: April 5th 2011
Publisher: Loose ID

Wednesday has been with Vincent, her dominant, for five years. His detached ownership of her feels more like understanding than love, but she has thrilled under his hands all the same. When Vincent decides it's time to end their formalized relationship, Wednesday is lost.

But another man watches from afar, determined to make her his own. This man, Daniel, demands much more from Wednesday than the uncomplicated obedience she offered Vincent. What's more, he shares a complex secret with Vincent, with Wednesday at its core.

Can Wednesday bear the excruciating demands of intimacy with her new lover? What will happen when she discovers the secret Daniel and Vincent keep? Most importantly, who owns Wednesday, and what is the difference, ultimately, between being owned and loved?

Warning: This book contains explicit scenes of dominance and submission, discipline & training, bondage, oral & anal sex & double penetration, menage a trois, and both harsh and loving bdsm scenes.
~ Goodreads

Wednesday Carson has been with her dominant Vincent for the last five years. He has trained her to be a perfect submissive. She doesn’t question his commands and even anticipates his wants before he speaks. They have a trust and bond that doesn’t need frivolous romance or emotions to be real.

Vincent takes Wednesday out on a rare date for her birthday. He also decides to share her with a former student of his. Daniel Laurent is a dominant who has been on the lookout for a submissive he could be exclusive with and possibly make his wife. He takes one look at Wednesday and falls hard for her. The attraction between the two is mutual. Wednesday has never felt anything for the other dominants that Vincent has exposed her to. But Daniel is different. He is sexy, virile and much younger than Vincent. She can’t seem to stay focused on pleasing her master. Vincent is not pleased and punishes her for losing herself to Daniel.

Vincent was older than Wednesday and had been training her since she was eighteen or nineteen years old. He was somewhat of a father figure to her. He was very stern and kept his true feelings for her closely guarded. Daniel was the complete opposite of Vincent. He wore his heart on his sleeve and was so sweet and romantic. Wednesday’s childhood was not the greatest and she was not shown a lot of affection. She was confused and conflicted about her feelings for Daniel and struggled with expressing her emotions to him. 

A deal was made between the two men. It was agreed that Vincent would break up with Wednesday and Daniel would take over as her dominant. But Vincent wanted to be kept updated on her well-being. Daniel wasn’t too keen on having to report on Wednesday but he wanted her so much that he agreed to it. Wednesday is clueless as she tries to move on from the breakup. Daniel comes to her rescue to help pick up the pieces of her broken heart. 

Annabel Joseph’s characters are so full of life and I always feel the emotions that the characters are going through. I fell in love with Daniel right along with Wednesday. He was a dominant with a soft heart and very firm hand. He allowed Wednesday some free reign but knew how to put her back in place when needed. I really loved both Wednesday and Daniel and enjoyed watching their love story. And oh my god, the love scenes were steamy, five-alarm fire, HOT. How about getting birched, while tied to a tree, that grows in the middle of the house? Seriously, it was so primal and sexy!

Annabel’s writing skills are superb. She truly is an erotica writing Goddess. If you like your BDSM rough but with a romantic, sweet side read this book now. It was incredible! 

Owning Wednesday gets 5 dragons!


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