Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: CRY FOR ME by Charlotte DeCorte

Cry for Me
by Charlotte DeCorte
Publisher: DelSin Publishing, LLC
Release Date: July 11, 2011

Ava is emotionally complicated. Sevastian is emotionally repressed. To ease the burdens of their high-stress lives, they like to play violent dominance and submission games. However, one night things go too far. How will Ava and Sevastian come to terms with the dark knowledge that it's not all just fun and games but a new way of life?

***This novella contains violent sex, spanking, light bondage, along with dominance and submission themes. It is meant for adults who enjoy reading about unconventional relationships.***
~ Goodreads

Cry for Me is the unconventional love story of Ava and Sevastian. These two are both left brained, workaholics that let the pursuit of work consume their lives. They are both independently wealthy and don’t allow themselves time for romantic entanglements. Sevastian has a strict set of days and times that he devotes to his love interest and many women have felt that this odd regimen was too stingy and would eventually end their relationship with him. As a fellow workaholic and commitment phobe, Ava had no problem with these strict rules. 

Sevastian and Ava are both “strange” characters with very complicated emotions. In the midst of difficult work projects, Ava would become so consumed with her work that she would become trapped in her own head.  She went through long periods of not feeling any emotions and going days without eating. Sevastian who is publicly aloof and unemotional found it liberating to be able to come alive during his violent scenes with Ava. She needs pain to open up the trap door to her over analytical head so she can get back to reality and get back in touch with her emotions. What I love about these characters is how they were able to open up to each other and explore the things that bring them happiness and joy.

Charlotte DeCorte’s (aka Claudia D. Christian) novella is packed full of love and emotional triumph. Outstanding writing and multi-dimensional characters give this story it’s darkly beautiful edge. Cry for Me is a dark love story with intense, sometimes violent love scenes. Sevastian is a sadist and Ava is a masochist and that’s what makes them perfect complements for one another. The relationship isn’t conventionally perfect or pretty but it is what works for these characters and makes them happy. Cry for Me may seem like a brutal love story from the outside but once you get to know Ava and Sevastian and delve deeper into their relationship you realize the depth of their love and understanding of each other’s needs.
Cry for Me gets 4 dragons.


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