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Found:The Rake and the Recluse: Part Two
by Jenn LeBlanc
Publisher: Iris Photo
Release Date: January 3, 2012
Source: Review copy from Author

This is PART TWO of The Rake And The Recluse, it has been completely re edited with new scenes and new images and is being released as it was originally intended, as a six part serial novel. This is NOT a series it is a SERIAL, that means it has to be read in order.

A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety.
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue.

How will a powerful Duke deal with a woman who doesn't know her place? How will a woman used to the 21st century survive in time where she is considered property?

THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE Part two finds Francine in the world of the Duke of Roxleigh. The clashing of worlds in first installment of the completely revised novel continues as Francine finds her footing, discovers secrets about her elusive host, and learns more about herself than she ever thought possible.

Francine Larrabee woke up on the wrong side of the century. She was fairly certain she went to sleep in her own comfy bed, but she doesn’t quite seem to be there now. Only adding to her problems is that she has no voice, is constantly being glowered at by a large, stunning man who is obsessed with propriety, and she is apparently betrothed to another horrid little man, determined to ruin her, and any other girls that get in his way.
How does she find herself in the past, when she couldn’t even find herself in her present? How does a self sufficient businesswoman survive in a time when women were still considered property for the whole of their lives and what is she going to do with this man who draws her to him so fiercely.

**This serial novel needs to read in order. This review may contain spoilers.**

Found is part two of six in The Rake and the Recluse serial and it was awesome! Gideon is now at Roxeigh House, his home in London, taking care of business affairs. We are introduced to his younger brother, Lord Peregrine Trumball, Viscount Roxleigh. While Gideon is a bit uptight his younger brother, Perry is playful and doesn’t let Gideon take himself too seriously. Gideon starts to open up about his true feelings for Francine and once the business in London is taken care of the two brothers set off to return to Gideon’s house in the country. We also learn a little more about Francine’s back story as a foster child.  And in this installment Madeleine’s parents arrive in England from France looking for their daughter. The Larrabee’s take one look at Francine and are convinced that she is Madeleine. Francine adamantly refuses to leave with them as of course she does not recognize them at all. Monsieur Larrabee demands that she be returned to them so that she can be married to an evil Earl that she has been betrothed to since birth. But this betrothal is not as innocent as it seems and both Gideon and Perry decide to make a deal with the Frenchman to make sure Francine never has to marry Lord Hepplewort.

I said in my review of part one that this is like reading/watching a drama series and this “episode” was full of surprises. We meet some new characters that add some fun to the book. The sexual tension between Gideon and Francine has been ratcheted up as well. The cliff-hanger scene left me wanting more. Oh and the last photo of a naked Gideon in bed was very swoon worthy. The author, Jenn LeBlanc, was very mean to torture us like that. I am eagerly awaiting Taken: The Rake and the Recluse: Part Three to see what happens next and I suspect the photos are going to get a bit sexier. Part three is due to release on January 17, 2012. 

If you're interested here’s my review of part one -


  1. oooooh I hate when authors torture us...they know that humankind is extremely curious beings, so if they leave the ending a cliffhanger, then we'll have to continue reading!

    Great review! Sounds like a book I would enjoy.

    1. Check it out. It's a really unique read with all the photos added. :-)


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