Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: THE LESSON PLAN by Jackie Barbosa

The Lesson Plan
by Jackie Barbosa
Publisher: Circe Press
Release Date: December 18, 2011
Source: Review copy from Author

Despite her imminent debut, Miss Winifred Langston has no interest in trying on expensive ball gowns, learning intricate dance steps, or perfecting the one piece she can play on the pianoforte. Freddie would rather don a pair of breeches and go target shooting, fishing, or horseback riding—astride—than be anywhere near a ballroom or high tea. Rather than waste the last few days of her freedom on such pursuits, she invites her two closest friends to join her in one final caper.

When Conrad Pearce learns of Freddie’s plans, he decides it’s past time to teach his younger brother’s partner-in-crime a well-deserved lesson. But when he intercepts her, disguised as a highwayman, to demonstrate how dangerous and ill-advised her stunts are, he can’t resist the sensual beauty hidden beneath the maddening tomboy’s exterior. What began as one sort of lesson becomes quite another, as Conrad embarks on a comprehensive erotic tutorial of his surprisingly enthusiastic and adept student.

Now, he only has to convince the irrepressible Freddie to trade her breeches and madcap ways for the gowns and domesticity she despises.

The Lesson Plan was a fun novella with an impulsive, unconventional heroine and a reserved, level-headed hero. I really enjoyed Freddie’s wittiness and fun spirit. As a tomboy, she would rather hang out with her twin brother, Walter and their friend Thomas. But at the ripe old age of twenty-one, Winifred has learned that she will have to travel to and take part in her first London Season. Freddie’s brother Nash has decided it is well past time to get his sister married off and out of his hands. Although, Freddie knows it’s her duty to find a husband and marry – she only has eyes for her friend’s brother, Conrad. But he’s never paid any attention to her or looked upon her as more than Thomas’ little friend. But before Freddie has to leave for London she plots one more outrageous adventure hoping the scandal will reach London and thwart her brother’s plans. She’s decided to take a trip to Miss May’s Pleasure house to “find out what all the fuss is about”.

Thomas spills the beans to his brother Conrad who then tells Nash. Freddie’s older brother is not happy and devises his own plan to teach Freddie a lesson. Conrad is to impersonate a highwayman and hijack the carriage that is to take the three friends to the brothel. They hope to scare Freddie and the boys by kidnapping Freddie and letting her believe that she is to be ransomed. 

Conrad has no intention of compromising Freddie’s virtue, but when she realizes who the "highwayman" really is, she decides to turn the tables and initiate some good old fashion loving. I liked their interactions and dialogue and felt they were perfect for each other. Even though she was the high spirited ringleader to her twin brother and friend Thomas, with Conrad she became tame and compliant. The way Conrad made her submit to him was titillating and the love scenes were hot. The Lesson Plan was a well written and enjoyable novella. This will appeal to fans of historical erotic romance. 


  1. I wouldn't mind if he taught me a lesson. =D

  2. Ha! I was really surprised by how dominant the hero was. :-)


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