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Review: THE KING'S PLEASURE by Kitty Thomas

The King’s Pleasure
by Kitty Thomas
Publisher: Burlesque Press
Release Date: December 17, 2011
Source: Review copy from Author

In the kingdom of Himeros, Abigail is despised for her gypsy heritage. Pushed to the fringes of society, she’s forced to break the law in order to help feed her family. When a castle guard catches her stealing bread, he intends to cut off her hand for the offense.

Niall has just taken the throne and is determined to prove he isn’t a monster like his father. Awakened by the cries of a gypsy, he spares her from the guard’s blade and takes her as his slave instead. When he learns she doesn’t understand the kingdom’s carnal ways, he becomes determined to strip her of all inhibitions until her every desire is in service to the king’s pleasure.

* This book contains master/slave, group sexual activity, mild sadomasochism, oral and anal play, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.*

The King’s Pleasure is the third novella in Kitty Thomas’ erotic fairy tale collection. This novella was my favorite one out of all of them. It pushed every one of my dark, erotic, kinky buttons.

I know I’m in for a sexy treat when opening up a Kitty novel. I almost always love her heroes and this story was no exception. Niall was a dominant & dangerous hero with a soft spot for his slave. Abby was a strong heroine who would endure anything to prove her love and loyalty to her master. 

Living her whole life on the fringes of the kingdom, Abby is ignorant of the hedonistic culture of the King’s court. After deciding to take Abby as his slave, Niall begins to teach her the carnal ways of the Himeros society. She gets indoctrinated into the sexually open culture of the kingdom rather quickly as guests start arriving to court and preparations are made for the weekend feasts and festival. And, oh my! What a wicked, sexy festival! Once night falls, children and citizens not wanting to participate in the evening’s orgies leave and the debauchery begins. The author joked that she must have been on horny drugs when she wrote the scene and I think she was! It’s a very intense erotic scene with lots of dirty explicit activities going on.

Shortly after the festival the story takes a dark turn when seeds of doubt are planted in Niall’s mind regarding Abby’s intentions. The latter half of the novella is a bit alarming and tortuous and my heart went out to Abby. I was so caught up in the emotional whirlwind that I worried about how the story would end. 

This was another amazing story from the beautifully erotic imagination of Kitty Thomas. The King’s Pleasure is highly recommended for every erotica fan who likes their stories a little dark and their boundaries pushed. 

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  1. The more reviews about Kitty Thomas, the more I want to read her books! =D Great review! Sounded like an orgie of a story. ;)


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