Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN by Stacey Kennedy

Somewhere in Between
by Stacey Kennedy
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release Date: September 12, 2011
Source: Review copy from the author

U.S. Marshal, Wyatt Tanning is in a race to catch a serial killer who has evaded the authorities. Just as the case hits a dead end, an unexpected email gives him a lead. As much as he wants to share the surprising message with his lover, Rye Daniels, he must hunt a killer first.

Darby Grant never expected that one night would change her life forever, but that’s exactly what happened. Not only has she been abducted, but she is in a situation that nightmares are made of. As she begins to lose all hope, fate steps in to offer her aid, but she’s well aware things will never be the same again. Soon, though, Darby begins to realize that might not be such a bad thing…

Somewhere in Between was a very hot novella in the A 1 Night Stand series. There were two sexy alpha males; one a U. S. Marshall and the other a UFC fighter and a beautiful nurse that manage to find love and form an unconventional relationship. This story had m/m and m/f/m scenes so this is not for the faint of heart.

This story will pull you in from the very beginning with Wyatt Tanning, a US Marshall in pursuit of a serial killer by the name of Marcus Walsh. Months had gone by without any new leads and Wyatt and his team were becoming more and more disappointed. Then Wyatt receives a strange message from Madame Eve that gives him hope of finding Marcus’ hideout and saving some of the women that he held captive. Wyatt and his team find the hideout and are able to rescue the women but Marcus still eludes capture.

Darby Grant is one of the women that Marcus had kidnapped and tortured. Wyatt instantly feels a connection with her and decides to keep watch over her until they find Marcus. After Darby’s house is broken into, Wyatt decides to take Darby to a safe place. He calls in his boyfriend, Rye Daniels to help him watch Darby. Even though Wyatt is in a relationship with Rye he has always wanted to find a woman that he could marry and have children with. After being set up with Rye though, Wyatt realizes that he needs to find a woman that will love him as well as accept his relationship with Rye.

I was surprised at how fast both men fell for Darby. The attraction to Darby came pretty quickly for Wyatt but I was shocked at how open Rye was to welcoming Darby into his and Wyatt’s relationship. The sex scenes between Rye and Wyatt were sizzling but it got even better when Darby came into the picture. Even though she had gone through a horrific experience and almost lost her life, Darby was able to start healing with the love of not one but two men. The book was too short to include a whole lot of romance but I liked the fast paced storyline with the heroine being in danger and her two heroes keeping her safe. This was another great story written by Stacey Kennedy. Somewhere in Between gets 3.5 dragons.


  1. Sounds like an interesting one! Different, but interesting. Great review.

  2. Thanks, Carole. You should give it a read. It was very interesting. ;-)


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