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Review & Giveaway: GABRIEL'S INFERNO by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel’s Inferno
By Sylvain Reynard
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Release Date: April 19, 2011

Source: Review copy from Publisher

Professor Gabriel Emerson, a specialist in Dante and the art of seduction, believes he has already earned his exile to the lower circles of hell. Since redemption is impossible, there is no reason to refrain from indulging in a life of pleasurable sin, using his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm as a means to gratify his every whim. But when he meets Julia Mitchell, a brilliant, lovely, and innocent grad student with the achingly familiar eyes of an angel, all of his cynical convictions are challenged. Her mysterious allure and the havoc she wreaks on his self-satisfied existence cause him to lash out at her, while her quiet beauty and innate goodness consistently undermine his control, tempting him beyond measure. Despite surviving a traumatic childhood, nothing has shaken Julia's faith that redemption is possible for everyone-everyone but her. Her unworthiness torments her, since the only man she will ever love has managed to forget her very existence, failing to even recognize her when they reconnect. Too naive to see that Gabriel's hostility is a mask for his increasing obsession with her, Julia forces him to come to grips with his past while she continues to unwittingly torment his senses. His fascination grows into a dangerous preoccupation, for Julia is forbidden fruit . . .

Will Gabriel survive the inferno, or will he succumb to the flames?

I’m going to say right away that Gabriel’s Inferno is absolutely amazing and if you love romance then get this book immediately!

Gabriel Emerson is a mean and pretentious bastard and treats his students like shit. Despite possessing a notoriously abrasive attitude, Gabriel also has a charismatic personality that has women falling over themselves to get in bed with him. Julia Mitchell is very sweet and meek and always tries to see the positive in people and make them happy. I loved how intelligent and loyal she was. Despite her submissive personality there were times when her inner lioness peaked through and she would put Gabriel in his place. Julia has loved Gabriel from afar ever since she met him at the age of seventeen. Her interest in Italian literature was sparked by their first meeting when Gabriel refers to her as Beatrice to his Dante from “The Divine Comedy”. When she signs up for one of his classes he does not remember who she is.

Both characters were flawed. Both Julia and Gabriel had unloving alcoholic mothers which contributed to their dark pasts. Julia’s mom cared more for her boyfriends and paid little attention to Julia. Gabriel’s mother died leaving him an orphan at the age of nine.
The novel is pretty dark in the beginning before Gabriel remembers who Julia is. I cringed every time there was any type of interaction between these two. He was unapologetic about his attitude and demeanor towards others but with Julia he did a 180 turn and let his tender, affectionate side out. The dark period made Gabriel’s and Julia’s romantic journey so much better to watch.
“When I am an old man and I can remember nothing else, I will remember this moment. The first time my eyes beheld an angel in the flesh.”

“I will remember your body and your eyes, your beautiful face and breasts, your curves and this.” He traced his hand around her navel before dragging it lightly to the top of her lower curls.

“I will remember your scent and your touch and how it felt to love you. But most of all, I will remember how it felt to gaze at true beauty, both inside and out. For you are fair, my beloved, in soul and in body, generous of spirit and generous of heart. And I will never see anything this side of heaven more beautiful than you.”

~ Gabriel to Julia
A great romance has a good bit of sexual tension. Usually when that tension goes on for too long I start to get bored. But with Gabriel’s Inferno the sexual tension kept me in suspense and pulled me along in the story. There was so much mystery as to what happened in both Julia’s and Gabriel’s past relationships that I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened that would make these two so tragically flawed. The romance was exquisitely written by Sylvain Reynard. I almost didn’t mind that it took forever for Julia and Gabriel to consummate their relationship. There wasn’t anything in this novel that I didn’t like. I loved how the author used specific songs to set the mood in various scenes. And I liked the Italian dialogue that peppered the story. I think stronzo is my new favorite curse word. The flow of the book was superb. I stayed completely captivated throughout the entire novel. When I got to the end I was pleasantly surprised to find out there would be a sequel. This incredible novel will appeal to all the romance junkies out there. I highly recommend Gabriel’s Inferno and give it 5 dragons!



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  1. I have heard much about this book. Would love the chance to read it! Great giveaway :-)
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  3. I'm glad it has become so popular! It's such a great story. I've been eager to read the book :) Awesome giveaway!


  4. I am hoping I can knock this book off my wishlist finally. I'm glad to know it has a Canadian setting.

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  5. Wow. That is one hot cover.

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  6. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  7. I just recentely purchased it on my Nook after hearing so much about it on Twitter. Really am looking forward to start it! Going to pass on giveaway because I have it already and leave these other ladies a chance, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your review and am that much more eager to begin!

  8. I have seen quite a bit about this book lately and everyone seems to agree that it is really good. I would love to win a copy of this book to read. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.
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  12. Not entering the giveaway, but wanted to say great review. I think I'm in the minority when this book didn't grab my attention at all.


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