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A Warrior's Witch Blog Tour: Interview with Stacey Kennedy

Hi Everyone and welcome to this stop on the A Warrior’s Witch Blog Tour. I am so happy to have Stacey Kennedy here on my blog today.

AsianCocoa: Welcome, Stacey! Please tell us a little about your book, A Warrior’s Witch.

Stacey Kennedy: First thanks for the interview!!  Now, a little bit about A Warrior’s Witch—I think I’ll let the blurb speak for itself:

Decades old guilt collide with a murder, igniting a battle in a warrior’s soul to choose between love and duty…
Murder has brought Talon, Master of Guardians, as well as Zia, his witch and Master of Witches, to Chicago. The manner of death appears to be a suicide, but Talon is far from ready to close the case. To avenge the Guardian linked to his past, he agrees to take on the assignment, and find her killer.
As they dive deeper into the investigation, they find themselves entering a world where BDSM is the norm. A lifestyle that Zia is uncomfortable with and, rattled by this new development, she is more than ready to return to the Otherworld. But their investigation quickly takes an unexpected twist when they discover that they’re not only hunting a killer but also someone who is controlling supernaturals in Chicago.
Their mission not only brings danger, but also forces Talon to deal with decades old guilt that corrodes his soul. Every event that unfolds only deepens his fight and pushes him to face an ultimate choice—what is more important—his duty to the Otherworld or the witch he holds closest to his heart?
AC: Describe yourself, Twitter style in 140 characters or less.

SK: I’m an avid lover of the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and erotic romance genres. If I’m not plugging away at my next novel, tending to my two little ones, I’ve got my nose deep in a good book. I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband.

AC: How long have you been writing?

SK: I started writing the first Magical Sword book in April 2009, and I haven’t stopped!

AC: In the book, Zia says that she and Talon could never have a youngling together because they are a different species, Witch and Guardian. But Nexi is a mixed being of Guardian, Witch and Fae blood. How did that happen?

SK: To understand, you’d really have to read Nexi’s stories. But to put it simply, she’s special. Because of Nexi’s mother being part fae, it allowed for the species to intermix, something that is unheard of. Those reasons are why Nexi is a mixed being, and why she is given the magical abilities she carries. Without the fae magic, Nexi’s existence would have been impossible.

AC: Will there be a book about the vampires, Zade and Iyana? Will there be any more BDSM elements coming up in future Otherworld books? (Please!)

SK: LOL! Like that element, did you?  Yes, Zade and Iyana will be the next Otherworld Romance I write, which I’ll start sometime in the fall. Since Iyana had a liking to BDSM, I would imagine—without giving away any secrets here—that a few elements of that world will come into play in their book.

AC: How many books do you plan on writing in the Otherworld series?

SK: In truth, I have no idea. I’m not a plotter when I write. I never know what is going to happen until I’m there doing it. So, as long as new characters show up and want their story told, I keep writing them.

AC: If you could trade places with one of your characters who would it be and why?

SK: Easy answer, Rynn. Why? Because I am in love with Briggs (The Blue Bloods), and want him all to myself.

AC: Tell us about some of your quirky habits.

SK: I only have one quirky habit, but it drives my hubby nuts. I don’t refill ice cube trays—EVER! I know I should, yet I leave them empty every time. We’ve been married long enough now he’s used to it, and accepts my laziness.

AC: What was the last amazing book that you read?

SK: Right now, I’m reading Katie MacAlister’s, The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons. Her dragon books top my favorite list. How can they not? You get humor, mystery, danger—all packed together with sexy dragons! Yes, please!!

AC: I know you’re a busy mommy and wife but other than writing, what other things interest you?

SK: I love the outdoors. Camping, canoeing, hiking—all of it! In the summer months, I take off July & August from writing to spend it with my kids! And we do LOTS of these kinds of things. I also take this time to catch up on my reading! I might like to write, but I like to read just as much.

AC: Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers? Any other new projects in the works?

SK: I’ve got one project I’m VERY excited about. It’s another spin-off from the Otherworld. This time it’s Ryker & Sabi’s story. They’ll likely have 3-4 books all of their own, and I must admit out of any story I’ve ever written, the series is my favorite. The first book, TAINTED BLOOD, is complete and currently in edits. It will release at the end of July 2011. Here’s a little look at it:

*Tainted Blood Cover*

Earth Witch, Sabi has been gifted with the ability to see premonitions of the darkness that threatens human lives.  Safe in the Otherworld she adjusts to these new visions…which isn’t going so well.  Luckily, she’s got the sexy Guardian, Ryker to help her work through these visions.  He’s intent to show her how to distance herself from them and help her gain control of life.  Not that it’s really helping.  These visions are leaving her crippled and unable to help pinpoint the killer’s locations to stop these acts from happening.

If that’s not enough to deal with, she soon begins to see vampires on a killing rampage in San Francisco.  Vampires are being born and left to fend for themselves, resulting in innocent lives being taken while they’re in the throes of blood lust. But as Sabi’s visions begin to kick up a notch, personal matters need to be put aside.  And as the mystery begins to unravel, Sabi will begin to see that these visions are getting far more dangerous and that humans are not the only ones at risk―she is…

Stacey Kennedy is an avid lover of the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and erotic romance genres. If she isn’t plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she’s got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband. Be sure to drop her a line at her website, she loves to hear from her readers.

Be sure to follow the tour for your chance to win Stacey’s new book, Tainted Blood.

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