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Review: A WARRIOR'S WITCH by Stacey Kennedy

A Warrior’s Witch
by Stacey Kennedy
Release Date: March 23, 2011
Series: An Otherworld Romance #1
Book Source: Review copy from the Author

Murder has brought Talon, Master of Guardians, as well as Zia, his witch and Master of Witches, to Chicago. The manner of death appears to be a suicide, but Talon is far from ready to close the case. To avenge the Guardian linked to his past, he agrees to take on the assignment, and find her killer.

As they dive deeper into the investigation, they find themselves entering a world where BDSM is the norm. A lifestyle that Zia is uncomfortable with and, rattled by this new development, she is more than ready to return to the Otherworld. But their investigation quickly takes an unexpected twist when they discover that they’re not only hunting a killer but also someone who is controlling supernaturals in Chicago.

Their mission not only brings danger, but also forces Talon to deal with decades old guilt that corrodes his soul. Every event that unfolds only deepens his fight and pushes him to face an ultimate choice—what is more important—his duty to the Otherworld or the witch he holds closest to his heart?
~ Goodreads

I really enjoyed A Warrior’s Witch. There was a little bit of suspense and mystery with very mild undertones of BDSM. Talon is the Master of the Guardians and Zia is the Master of the Witches. I liked the relationship between Talon and Zia. I was hoping that they could find some way to bond and find happiness. 

Talon wanted to find out who killed his son’s mother, Whitlyn. Talon and Zia decide to work together to quickly find the killer so that Talon could tell his son Kyden who his mother’s killer was. I was a little confused as to why Talon didn’t seem to have any love connection to Whitlyn. It seems that the two of them had only come together to pro-create. Whitlyn wanted out of her role as a Guardian so she offered to produce a child in exchange for her freedom. 

Through their investigations they discovered that Whitlyn and her boyfriend were part of the BDSM lifestyle. Going to Leather Dungeon Club ignited some dormant sexual needs in Zia that Talon had no problem bringing to the surface. Zia’s willingness to experiment seemed to add spice to their relationship. The sex scenes were hot and full of love and tenderness even though they were sometimes a little rough.

There are four Masters: Witch, Guardian, Vampire and Werewolf. I liked seeing all the supernatural characters working together. But I didn’t really understand the Otherworld at first. I think the Masters work together to keep humans safe from evil supernatural creatures. This is my first Stacey Kennedy novel, and I suspect that if I read her earlier books some of my questions would be answered.

Talon and Zia are Masters and although there is no written law that says they cannot fall in love and marry they both feel that if they allow themselves emotional entanglements it would compromise their leadership of their people and the Otherworld. It was heartwarming to watch Talon realize how much he loved Zia and finally give in make their love official.

A Warrior’s Witch was a good paranormal romance read and I am looking forward to reading more of Stacey Kennedy’s work. This book gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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