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Guest Post & Giveaway: Louisa Kelley - DAUGHTERS OF DRACA

Hi Everyone. Please help me welcome Louisa Kelley to the blog today! She is here to promote her novels, Lydia and the Draca and Cara and the Draca. Today she s going to talk about her dragon shape-shifters.

Louisa Kelley Dishes About Dragon Shape-Shifters

Once upon a time, in an alternate reality that looks very much like our own, a race of dragon shape-shifters lived in a magical sanctuary.

They still live there today.

They call themselves the Draca. They are a sexy, beautiful, proud race, with ancient roots in the Emerald Isles they trace from time beyond mind.

Long ago, before the Draca found a place of safety, humans feared the Draca and the power of their flames and magical strength. There was to be no peace between the races and the Draca fought back. Yet human weapons increased in cunning and effectiveness and many Draca perished in bloody battles. By the middle ages, the Draca desperately needed sanctuary from the threat of annihilation by humans.

Nareen, de facto Queen of the Draca, cast a great spell with the help of Taranis and Alwen, the Gods of Draca. She created the sanctuary called Dracan, to where all of them fled, hoping to rebuild and replenish what they had lost.

Instead of replenishing, they made tragic mistakes. They inbreeded, family within family, in their desperation thinking the rules of genetics would not apply-- but they did. Babies were born deformed, or died very young. Dracan women felt so much sorrow it was as if they were dying themselves. Something twisted, like magic gone wrong, in the very cells of the entire race. Fortune and the Gods had seemingly deserted them. Eventually, consumed with sorrow, the collective libido of the once lusty Draca had faded to a near tragic halt.

Nareen had not forgotten they all carried human blood along with dragon. In the past long ago, the Draca had mated with human women. There was a chance women lived in the present time carrying Draca DNA, a potential source of life force infusion. If Nareen could find one, she’d have in her hands a true Daughter of Draca-- precious and rare, carrying powers Nareen was determined use.

The Draca had made it to the twenty first century but time was running out. Nareen schemed and plotted and cast another great spell, this time over the Pacific Northwest. The Gods had whispered a most unlikely place for her to go searching – Portland, Oregon.

In book one, Lydia and the Draca, Nareen discovers our heroine, Lydia living in Portland. Lydia is indeed a carrier of a potent, ancient strain of Draca—a true Daughter of Draca. They literally kidnap Lydia and the story goes from there…She meets Eremon, the brother of Nareen, and sparks fly fast and hot. There’s a lot of spicy sex, some rather unusual interspecies sensuality and of course, Lydia’s own emotional and transformative journey that changes her life forever. Not to mention finding out she has the power to rejuvenate the sexual life force of the entire Dracan clan!

In the second book, Cara and the Draca, Nareen is still hungry for more ways to increase population. She comes up with another powerful spell and directs it once again towards the Pacific Northwest. She sends her other brother, Aedhan, to Portland on a secret and dangerous mission. He lives among the humans in a magically hidden tattoo shop, working powerful magic into tattoos that have the potential to activate dormant Dracan genes. Aedhan, with his history as a ‘bad boy’ Draca, wants to redeem his reputation with his family and along the way, find himself his own Daughter of Draca. But that’s not what he’s supposed to be doing there. Yet. Then he meets Cara, when the magic pulls her to his shop and the rules that govern Aedhan’s behavior in the human world are recklessly abandoned with unforeseen results. This book is as hot as the first.

In Portland, the Draca unexpectedly found the writer Louisa Kelley, (born in the year of the Dragon of course), and insisted she record their stories of sexual transformation, redemption, and love. They want to make it right with humans again and so Louisa is doing her best to comply. After all, how do you say no to a gorgeous dragon shape-shifter? Thus was born her series titled, “Daughters of Draca.” She is hard at work on book three.

Lydia and the Draca, Daughters of Draca Book One
by Louisa Kelley

Lydia has no idea why an entire race of shape-shifters is lusting after her. They tell her there's something special about her blood and they want it for themselves... but they don't actually want her blood. No, they want much, much more. And they want it delivered fresh, hot and as fast as possible.

Science fiction geek Lydia Neal is just recovering from her latest relationship burnout. When she wakes up in a glowing cave surrounded by enormous dragons she's pretty sure she's having a sci-fi themed nightmare. Then she meets the smoking hot Draca Eremon and suddenly things aren't quite so scary. Especially when Eremon shows her the very special kind of ecstasy a Draca male can offer her...whether on the ground or in the skies.

Something powerful is waking up inside Lydia, something triggered during her capture by these primal, gorgeous creatures. Whatever the sexy, obsessed Draca want from her, she's ready to find out... She agrees to go along with a series of fantastical and erotic "tests" and discovers she's signed on for the wildest, hottest ride of her life.

Cara and the Draca, Daughters of Draca Book Two
by Louisa Kelley

Cara is haunted by recent memories of a warehouse explosion that took the life of her best friend and caught her in the blast. Desperate for a way to cover the burns scars on her shoulder, Cara heads for the mysterious tattoo shop in Portland everyone is talking about.

Aedhan, the gorgeous tattoo master, leaves her senses reeling and her knees weak. Just the touch of his talented hands brings welcome relief and a sense of release from her emotional pain. His charming, eccentric ways combined with his tangerine hair and odd accent create an intoxicating mix. To her delight, the incredible tattoo he expertly lays over her scar hides everything-- and makes her long for more of his healing touch.

Soon Cara is pulled into an erotic journey of unimagined delight, terror and transformation. Dragons? In Portland? Magical and sexy beyond belief? Yet, something isn’t quite adding up. Is Aedhan really telling her the truth about what he’s doing in that shop? But she's so crazy in lust and wonder, it's hard to care.

Dragon shape-shifter Aedhan fully intends to follow the rules of his secret mission, number one being no sex with the human women in Portland. Then Cara shows up at his shop and her sweetness and delightful freckles almost stops his heart. When he perceives the sorrow in her life, he is consumed with the need to know more. Who has hurt her? After he gets a taste of her blood on his tattoo needles and discovers the extra special something in her fluids, he decides he must see Cara again, even if it means breaking the rules. And that's when things start to go terribly wrong...or perfectly right.


Cara gripped the ridges of his back, her knuckles white. When she didn’t fall off, she realized she was balanced. Perfectly, impeccably balanced. The thick muscles of his hide worked and contracted beneath her, hundreds of subtle adjustments that kept her upright. Her hair and clothes blew in the cool wind as he flew them into the clouds, surrounding them in a cloak of wet grayness. All sound seemed muffled; only the rhythmic noise of his hoarse breath and the huff of gigantic wings penetrated the fog. She relaxed her grip a little and tried to catch her breath….

They flew for what seemed like hours until Aedhan aimed down toward a green meadow next to a small lake. Slowing his approach in the manner of an airplane, he glided into a smooth descent and hit the ground in a few powerful steps. With immense grace, he lowered his great body to the soft wildflowers of the meadow.

Cara tumbled bonelessly down his side, laughing when she tried to stand and failed. Dizzy, she lay on her back and looked up at her Draca huffing above her and giving her what could only be a Draca grin. The high afternoon sun blazed, but nothing felt hotter than the look in her Draca’s eyes.

He moved his great bulk partly over her, pinning her in place. She grinned at him, fearless now, still laughing and out of breath. “What a ride, you fantastic beast! Can we do it again?”

In response he nudged her blouse with his big head, and his long red tongue edged out and, with an extraordinary soft touch, laid a delicate Draca lick on her neck. Shock -- and something hot and liquid in her core -- kept her motionless. A cascade of warring emotions shifted through every cell of her body -- erotic tension coupled with a sense of taboo she didn’t even want to acknowledge.

Author Bio:

Romance and science fiction took hold of Louisa Kelley at age nine, when she read Little Women and the Narnia series.  She is convinced that the genre paranormal romance, which developed years later, was purely for her benefit.  After all, it’s what’s been in her heart all these years. She resides in Portland Oregon where, in a strangely perfect combination of rainy winters and urban skyline, her writing inspiration abounds.
Meet the sexy world that’s been evolving in her fevered brain…she’d love you to join her in some over the top erotic adventures with the Draca; dragon shape-shifters of a very different kind.

Louisa Kelley Author@ Facebook
Member of Romance Writers of America
Member of Rose City Romance Writers


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  6. Louisa...How many books are there going to be in the series? I've been following to tour and the whole inter-species mating thing seems somehow so much more taboo and exotic in your books!

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