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Guest Post & Giveaway: ELORA'S MATCH by Liia Ann White

Hi Everyone! I would like to welcome author Liia Ann White to the blog. She is here today to promote her new book, Elora's Match and talk about the world building for the Different Saga series.

World Building

When I first started writing Elora’s Match I knew I wanted the story to be different from what was out there. By creating my own species, I could do exactly that. I wanted Elora and other Different ones to be strong, almost indestructible beings – but I didn’t want them to be immortal.

It took several rewrites of the beginning for me to be one hundred per cent comfortable with what I’d created. Different ones are physically beautiful, incredibly strong, and generally arrogant, have varying supernatural abilities and physically age 5 years for every human 1. They are unique, special and were exactly what I wanted. With the species created, the world sort of built itself around it.

I had vampires, demons, demon Elders, banshees, shifters and witches all living in the world alongside completely oblivious humans. Humans go about their day-to-day lives without questioning what they don’t understand. While they might think there is something ‘off’ about someone, they don’t second-guess their humanity. Little do they know that person could be feeding from them or wiping their memories moments later.

What I love about the real world is there are so many things we don’t know about. There could be people like Elora, Caleb and Kadin out there, they’ve just persuaded us to think differently. There could be vampires who compel us to forget the time they fed on us. There could even be banshees warning us of our deaths before it comes. (Okay it’s highly unlikely but still…). I wanted to play on this and take it to the extreme.

Creating the world for Elora’s Match and the entire Different Saga wasn’t hard. I have a VERY active imagination and everything kind of created itself. Not particularly exciting, but it works.

The second book – as well as the rest of The Different Saga – will contain even more supernatural beings, magic, mystery, death and, of course, romance. I’m forever expanding this world, as well as the characters and their abilities. So keep an eye out for that :-).

Elora’s Match
by Liia Ann White
Release Date: March 5, 2011

Elora’s parents mysteriously disappeared when she was fifteen. She vowed to find answers – discover what really happened to them. But after twenty-five years of travelling the world she has come up empty handed. Feeling tired and lonely, she settles down in the city her best friend, Caleb, calls home. To lead a regular human existence for a while; like he does.
One problem; they’re not human. They’re Different – a rare supernatural race known for their beauty, strength and supernatural abilities.

Elora is lead to a man by a series of visions. Cue Kadin; powerful, sexy and also Different. He is her match – her soul-mate. Her life has never felt so complete.
But it’s not all good news. Elora must now deal with a rogue demon Elder hell-bent on taking over Lucifer’s reign over Hell. To succeed she needs to steal Elora’s power. When she’s facing the fight of her life, can Elora really trust Kadin?


An almost audible buzzing erupted in the back of my mind, the same sensation I had in my visions.


He appeared before me, looking as physically perfect as ever. His dark hair fell over his face. The smooth outline of his jaw off set his symmetrical features. Those flawless, full lips spread into a smile, and his teal eyes bored into my own.

"Elora," he said with a smile, his velvet smooth voice caressing my skin. I felt myself drawn to him. There was an invisible connection between us, making me want to cling to him. To run my fingers through that thick hair of his, trace the contours of his broad chest, and kiss those luscious lips. Lust burned within me like never before.

I forced myself to ignore it, instead eyeing him warily. "What are you doing here?"

"That was quite a show." He chuckled lightly. "I was going to jump in, but I see you can handle yourself."

"What are you doing here?" I repeated, in no mood for games.

Clasping his hands behind his back, he took a few steps toward me.

"Those two have been following me for a few weeks now." He gestured to where the pile of ash once was. "They stopped tonight, so I tracked them here where they attacked you."

"Why have they been following you?"

"I'm not sure." He pursed his lips. "I followed them tonight, thinking they were going back to their controller. Apparently, I was wrong."

"Why are you really here?"

"I just told you."

"What if I don't believe you?"

Author Bio – Liia Ann White

I’m an Aussie writer, born and bred in Perth, WA.

I love all things paranormal. I spend my childhood daydreaming about far off lands and living in my own little fantasy world. I watched shows like ’Unsolved Mysteries’ and read books on witchcraft, fairies, demons, ghosts and all other sorts of supernatural creatures, including mutants (I love X-Men).

I’m a complete geek and collect Disney and Star Wars memorabilia.

When not writing, I can be found reading, playing video games or spending times with my adorable doggies.

I’m a big animal lover and vegan. I live in Perth with my family, which includes two adorable dogs, two birds and a handful of feisty fish.

I’m always interested in meeting new people, so drop me a line!

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