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Book Feature & Giveaway: THE HOUSE ON HUNDRED HILL by Jemima Valentino

The House on Hundred Hill: The Nephilim Book One
by Jemima Valentino
Release Date: October 14, 2011

Jessica Rylan has spent her entire life trying to fit in, despite feeling deep down that she doesn't quite belong.  A slave to passions that she doesn't quite understand, she does her best to simply ignore her burgeoning sensuality. Little does Jessica realise that a seemingly chance encounter with the handsome Nate Black will turn her world upside down.

All it takes is one garden party invitation to pull her into an ancient struggle, one where she must place her trust in Nate and his mysterious brother Draven to survive.   As Jessica becomes seduced by the ancient and mystical world of the Nephilim, she finally begins to understand her own dark desires.  Because Draven Black is searching for something... Something only Jessica can provide.


The mattress sunk under the weight of the heavy body perched on the end of the bed. The movement woke Jessica but she remained deathly still and kept her eyes lightly closed, pretending to remain asleep. The memories of the previous evening flooded in to her mind like the torrent of a raging river. Was it the previous evening? How long have I been out? She thought.

She stiffened slightly as she felt a breeze sweep across her skin from an open window across the room, and resisted the urge to wrap herself tighter in the warm covers that draped her half-naked body. She didn’t remember falling asleep, but she did remember that it had something to do with the hypnotic vibe that Nate poured inside her merely seconds before her body had given in to an urge to simply shut down. She recalled the heaviness that encased her and swept her away with its seductive siren song.

If Jessica hadn’t been trying to remain still, she would have jumped up and punched Nate, hard. She wasn’t sure how he was able to do it, but was certain that it was his fault.

Jessica’s ears pricked towards the deep hushed whispers of the two men in the room. She recognised the gravelly sound of Nate’s rich tones and the way he spoke in a whisper, which meant that neither of them yet realised she was awake. She wanted it to stay that way for as long as possible. She was already planning her escape.

“The female snarled,” he said with a hint of resignation. “It all but attacked her, and we both know that’s never happened before. Not even with Rebecca.”

“Are you sure?”

“Draven, the feline knocked Jessica off her feet. Of course I’m sure.”

“But you didn’t actually see it? You couldn’t have seen it. The lioness is a creature of the moon and we can only feel it. The only one to see it and control it…but that can’t be possible, not after all this time, all this searching…and patience…” Draven’s voice was desperate.

“What do you want me do?” Nate asked with impatience. 

“We carry on. Nothing changes. Nothing. Is that clear?” A growl crept into Draven’s dark tone and Jessica froze under her blankets, keeping her breathing shallow.

“But if she’s not… if she can’t… then what?”

“I can’t wait anymore Nate; it’s been a hundred and fifty years since Azrael was cursed. I know he brought it upon himself when he would not take what our mother so freely offered. Perhaps, once I have what I need, we can use it to bargain with the Gregori and I can release him from the mala’kul.” Draven absently ran the palm of his hand over the scar on his face as if rubbing away an ancient ache that had lasted for nearly two long centuries.

“That doesn’t answer the question,” Nate said and he stared with angry black eyes at his brother.

“I know,” Draven replied. He sighed and stared back. “We are not truly immortal Nate and my feelings for Jessica are stronger now that she is under our roof than ever before. But if she is not the one, if she cannot offer what I need then we will have to dispose of her for by then she will simply know far too much. I am yet to experience her flesh, but I will detach myself from her should I need to.”

In a flash Nate lifted himself from the bed and squared up to his full height, a mere inch shorter than Draven. As he came nose to nose with his brother a blue spark flashed briefly between them and Nate’s electric anger momentarily clouded his sibling bond.

“Dispose of her?” Nate hissed in a menacing, accusational tone. “After all this searching, all the waiting and yearning and ‘when can I have her Nate?’ you now speak of disposal as if she is a bag of trash. What about the lioness, Draven? Jessica saw them both; no-one has ever seen them both. Perhaps it does not mean what you think it means!” Nate’s voice rose to a dangerous rumble as he reached out and grabbed Draven’s arm.

Draven shoved hard and Nate flew backwards, crashing with an almighty thud against the bedroom wall. Plaster and brick tumbled around him as the wall gave way to weight of Nate’s heavy body.

“We continue as planned. The Gregori have been summoned.” Draven shot an angry glance at his brother and strode towards the door. With his fingers wrapped around the handle he turned a jet-black stare to the bed. “Our guest has been awake during our conversation Nate. See that she has all she needs and then let’s all take dinner together downstairs where we can talk. It’s time she knew. I’ll clear the house. Oh, and one last thing… get rid of that.” Draven gave a brief nod of his head to the still unconscious and bloodied figure of Mark that was cuffed to the chair in the corner of the room. “Rebecca may be left to sleep it off but then she is to leave the house too, I want no-one here tonight. Your effect on her is obviously far stronger than on our beautiful red-head. You’re losing your touch.” With a brief chuckle Draven left the room and closed the door behind him. 

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Author Bio - Jemima Valentino

Jemima Valentino is an English 30-something; married to an excessively patient man with two beautiful daughters and an excitable cross-bred mutt called Eddie. She is also a writer of dark paranormal romance, BDSM erotica and modern fiction.

Jemima fell in love with reading and writing as a child but it was only in 2009 that writing became an obsession. After months of procrastination and plucking up the courage, she published 
'His Elle' in January 2011 and now has a full blown desire to continue writing.

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