Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: MAID FOR IT by Lucy Rodgers

Maid for It
by Lucy Rodgers
Release Date: August 9, 2011
Source: Review copy from Author

In fear for her life after witnessing a powerful drug lord gun down two rivals, Gabriela Marquez flees Sinaloa for the safety of the United States. No sooner does she arrive, however, than she’s arrested and threatened with immediate deportation unless she agrees to work for Maid for It, a company providing specialty housekeeping services to high-end clients. Gabi soon realizes the “specialty” services she must provide will be of a sexual nature. She should refuse, but she can’t risk deportation. Prostitution is preferable to death.

Her first assignment is in the home of Benjamin Hardcastle, a wealthy and reclusive computer security expert. He’s also Maid for It‘s most exacting client. Determined to please the heretofore unpleasable Mr. Hardcastle, Gabi keeps her past a secret. If he discovers the truth—that she’s been coerced into the role of sexual slave—he’ll send her away.

But what begins as a unwelcome obligation becomes an awakening to the incredible pleasures of domination, bondage, and submission. As Gabi discovers she truly is “made for it,” her secret looms larger, threatening her survival in an entirely unexpected way.

Maid for It was a quick, steamy, erotic read. There was some dubious consent involved so be aware. Gabriela Marquez has left her small town in Mexico. She is an eye witness to a murder involving a major drug cartel and her family fears for her life. They hire a pollero to get her over the border into the United States. Unfortunately, Gabi’s safe house is raided by immigration officials and she finds herself in danger of deportation unless she agrees to work for Maid for It, a specialty housekeeping company that caters to wealthy clientele. Her job interview consists of performing a blow job on her boss in the backseat of his limousine. 

Her first job is working for Benjamin Hardcastle, a reclusive cyber security expert. Gabi soon discovers why most of the maids have not lasted more than two days as his employee. Benjamin is looking for more than a recreational sex toy. He wants a permanent willing and submissive sex slave.

After arriving at Benjamin’s mansion, Gabi is given a tour of the house by the butler and begins her housekeeping duties. Her introduction to Benjamin comes two days later. And what a steamy introduction it is. Benjamin walks into the bathroom completely nude while Gabi is on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. He wastes no time getting acquainted with his new merchandise.

The relationship progresses rather quickly. The love scenes are pretty erotic and intense. I really liked Gabi’s character a lot. She was a survivor and did what she felt she had to do to stay alive. I felt her fear and hoped that Benjamin wouldn’t be too hard on her. I wasn’t a huge fan of Benjamin in the beginning, as he was a hard Master and wasn’t always as merciful as I felt he should be. But I did warm up to him as he started to let his feelings for Gabi show. The sex scenes in Maid for It were well written and ultra smutty (have a towel ready)! Benjamin did soften towards Gabi in the end and I really enjoyed their happily ever after. I look forward to reading more from Lucy Rodgers. Maid for It gets 3.5 dragons.


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